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Two members of Institute of Liberty and Policy Innovation Ghana, IPALI- Ghana including the Chief Executive Offiecer , CEO, of the Institute , Bismark Peter Kwofie and Director of Programmes, Akosua Fosua Offei and a Journalist , Yvette Adu Effisah from Ghana visited their partners called Sierra Leone Liberty Group, SLLG, in Sierra Leone with Mustapha Cole as the Founder . We arrived in Sierra Leone on Monday the 14 th of Novemeber 2016 and were warmly received by the members of the SLLG . The next day the 15 th of Novemeber 2016 the founder of SLLG , Mustapha Cole led us to the office of the Ghana High Commission in Sierra Leone to inform them of our one week stay prior to a letter they forwarded to the Commission informing them about our visit . Unfortunately we met the absence of the Commissioner but his representative, Mr. Johnn Drogba who was acting in his capacity welcomed us and engaged us in a healthy conversation. He told us to feel at home and always call on him when the need be. Mr. Drogba really made our stay enjoyable by taking us to various restaurants/ entertaining places where we had Ghanaians dishes. Bismark Peter Kwofie and Akosua Fosua Offei visited both radio and television stations including, AYV radio station , Sierra Leone Broadcasting television ……….. and sensitized members on the event . The two , Mr. Kwofie and Madam Offei performed creditably during the various TV and radio shows. The cross border event which was under the theme ‘Economic Freedom, Individual Responsibility and Grassroots Initiative took place on the 18th and 19th of November 2016 at Africell America Corner and was well attended by Sierra Leoneans especially the youth . On the first day of the conference the 18 th of November 2016 the Chief Executive Officer of the Institute of Liberty and Policy Innovation Ghana, ILAPI- Ghana, Bismark Peter Kwofie gave a presentation on Entrepreneur and School. He provoked the participants to become entrepreneurs since society rewards Entrepreneurship whiles school rewards students with certificates and papers. He disclosed that most successful entrepreneurs dropped out of school or had basic education but with dint of hard work they have excelled. The second day the 19th of November was not different from the first day with regards to the attendance as the conference room was filled to capacity. The Director of Programmes, ILAPI –Ghana Akosua Fosua Offei Woman empowerment from the libertarian way . She said it was about time government allow women to have a free and competitive market. Madam Offei expressed worry that women are the most vulnerable in society since research every year indicates that they suffer discrimination or violence. This menace she said must be stopped by protecting the rights of women. On his part the Director of Sierra Leone Liberty Group, SLLG, Mustapha Cole said the conference was to enlighten Sierra Leoneans on free market and take advantage of it to create wealth. Other speakers who made online presentations spoke on bitcoin , blockchain , scam among others . Participants were inspired by the various presentations since according to them it has become an eye opener. At the end of the conference, women present resolved to form women organization groups to promote libertarianism. On Sunday the 20st of November 2016, we visited some Ghanaian community and interacted with the people. They were excited to meet us and we briefed them on some happenings in Ghana. We were very sad that so soon we had to leave Sierra Leone as we had made a lot of acquaintances . We returned to Ghana on Monday the 21st of November 2016 and arrived at Kotoka International Airport around 10: 20 pm. We wish to embark on more trips to other countries to share ideas, form more libertarian organizations and gain more experiences.


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The convention started at 0900 GMT with an opening prayer said by Evangelist Collins Aboagye. NUMBER OF PARTICPANTS: 75 An animation on the 'Philosophy of Libertarianism by Ken Scholland was showed to the participant, followed by an interactive discussion among the participants led by the 'Master of Ceremony' by name Mr George. Self-ownership, Liberty, Freedom, Morals and Ethics among others were some of the basics learnt from the animation. The BILE Executives and some Dignitaries present, including a board member by name Mrs Sussana Nelson were introduced to the audience. Afterwards, came a short time for lecture on Frederic Bastiat (His Life and Profession). The Peace, Love and Liberty books edited by Tom G. Palmer, CD-ROM titled "IDEAS FOR A FREE SOCIETY" by Atlas Network: Network for a Free Society and writing materials were shared to the participants. Next on the program were Talks by seasoned Expects, three(3) spoke to us online. Beginning with the talk was Richard Ebeling, currently the BB and T Distinguished Professor of Ethics and Free Enterprise Leadership at The Citadel in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. Being an award winner of the "Liberty in Theory: Lifetime Award" presented by Libertarian Alliance/Libertarian International, Ebeling spoke on libertarianism and its relevance to Africa. He enlightened the audience on the advocacy of complete free speech and the abolition of taxation and government intervention in economic and social, combining elements of liberalism, conservatism and anarchism. Ebeling answered some few questions asked. Dr Enoch Antwi gave the next talk. The talk was highly interactive. Dr Antwi, doubles as the Co-founder/Co-president of Center for African Progressive Civic Education(CAPCED) and the Founder and CEO of Enlightened Leadership Consulting. Dr Enoch spoke on the topic "Libertarian Morality", empowering the audience to gain knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for effective governance and sustainable democracy. His talk was practical, citing examples and using Ghana as a case study. Wealth and Nation talk was given by Mr Africanus Kofi Akosa from Africa Youth Peace Call(AYPC). Mr Akosa gave a power-point presentation on the the topic "Wealth and Nation". At this moment, the program paused and there was a lunch break. Back from the break, Dave Hebert(USA) spoke to the participants on the theme "Economic Freedom and Prosperity in the 21st Century". Liberalism, free trade and free market were amongst some key words by Hebert. The next program was a Quiz about Frederic Bastiat. The participants were grouped according to gender(males and females). Its was very interesting and the participants encouraged to read more about Bastiat. CEO/PRESIDENT- ILAPI Ghana, Mr Bismark Peter Kojo Kwoffie, gave out "Word of Thought" followed by advises and short speeches from invited guests. He asked all the students and participants present to create and promote Liberty on campuses. Mrs Sussana Nelson (Board Member - ILAPI) gave the closing remarks. She challenged the youths into championing the course of Liberty rather than political freedom and also gave the participants a challenging work exercise on libertarianism, in which all participants undertook. Lastly were exclusive photograghs taken simultaneously and media interviews. There were 6 media outlets present to cover the event. SPONSORS: Atlas Network, AYPC, Net Work for a Free Society, Bismann Remedials