Posted by Mr Bismark Kwofie

This projects address issues of the citizens of Ghana. Governments have sidelined many and work with party activists and members leaving behind the very people who voted them into power. There are lots of problems citizens face in their communities but the government rarely address them to solve their problems. There are times government misplaced priority projects escalates the very problem it intend solving. The individuals knows themselves better than governments. In the case when governments fails to solve the problems of communities even after agitations, grievances heard, and still no one pays heed to their cry, ILAPI leads the agenda to make sure what belongs them are duly given out. Stakeholders are engaged, government and the general public are made aware of the injustices and discriminatory acts meted out against law abiding citizens. The negligence of State institutions are depriving vulnerable enjoying from their liberty. This project bring into light unethical and immoral activities against citizens by the government and all stakeholders involved. Transparency is our concern and your freedom is our pride. " :