2017/06/02Posted by Mr Eric Kwofie

Every 25th May, Africans commemorates African Union Day amidst of it zero records. How effective has the AU been in tackling the numerous problems facing the continent? Can the AU tell the people in the continent why it should be allowed to hold such meetings in the name of the people after five years of no results? Can the AU tell the people in Africa one single thing that it has got right since its inception? What at all has the AU achieved in Africa that merit another waste of tax payers' money? The AU has failed to promote peace, security, and stability on the continent. Currently in Nigeria, Islamic militant Islamist group Boko Haram from 2009 has killed 40000 and displaced 2.3 million from their homes.(New York times,2016). This group has carried out mass abductions including the kidnapping of 276 school girls from Chibok in April 2014. It took the Swish government and the international committee of the Red Cross helping as mediators to release 82 of the girls. This militant group was ranked as world’s deadliest terror group by the Global Terrorism Index in 2015. The toothless AU has watched them all these while. Xenophobic attacks in South Africa started in March 2015 and still ongoing. As today being AU day, there are 300 hundred people have been killed in Central African Republic in militia violence. It is estimated 500,000 citizens could be displaced by the end of May. AU was there when troops killed Libyan President because he was fort for freedom and liberty for his country. On the issue of trade, AU has failed its members drastically. Member states cannot move and trade freely .High trade barriers are inimical to the growth of the continents. It is obvious trading between African continent and the rest of the world is freer than continental trade. Africa loses billions of dollars in potential trade earnings every year because of restrictive barriers to regional trade.(World Bank ,2015). Round trip fro Accra to Freetown (sierra Leon) which is 1857.9km cost Gh¢2,395, that of Accra to South Africa of a distance 7,361.6Km costs Gh¢3,470 and from Accra to China of a distance 10,916km costs Gh¢3427. I will leave you to do the analysis by yourself. Once again the AU leaders met in January this year, drunk wine, pat each other on the shoulder and had a nice time while millions of people already condemned to poverty by these leaders, face starvation, diseases and famine. Despite the millions of dollars of tax payers’ money that was spent at the meeting the problems of Darfur, Congo, Ivory Coast, abject poverty, leadership incompetence in the continent have not change. Twenty million people, including millions of children, across South Sudan, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are in urgent need of food as East Africa food crisis worsens. Plan international which currently providing assistance in Eastern Africa is calling for help to provide vital aid to children and families affected by the food crisis. Only three countries; Botswana, Comoros and Equatorial Guinea out of 44 countries did not receive food aid between 2000 and 2010. (World Food Programme, 2014). What a shame to AU? Which of the major issues bothering Africans has the AU been able to solve or appear to be solving despite years of meetings? Is it the poverty, famine and malnutrition that have made Africans to appear as sub-humans in eyes of many in the West? Is it the endemic official corruption or the Darfur genocide, or the conflicts in Congo, Ivory Coast, Sudan, northern Uganda or the dictatorships in Cameroon, Gabon, Zimbabwe, Equatorial Guinea, Libya, Egypt and Uganda? When are the AU leaders going to put in sound and concrete policies that will lift the millions of people who live on less than $2 a day from such predicaments? Despite years of meeting we are yet to see what fruit these meetings would produce and whether the wars and instabilities in Congo, Sudan, Chad, Ivory Coast, northern Uganda and Madagascar will be resolved. We are yet to see whether the poverty virus that has infected so many countries, cities, metropolis, towns, villages, households will get worst or will be reduced. We are yet to see whether the $148 billion dollars stolen by these leaders each year will stop. We are yet to see if the tyrants and dictators will leave the scene, allow democracy to get root, and be accountable to the people. " :